As a manufacturer of doors and window units we are able to offer a whole host of options on them.  
Doors are available in typical sizes as found on the websites of many online suppliers and whilst we can fulfill all these orders we can also offer made to measure doors for openings that are non-standard, heritage sized or a bit different. Don't forget we can arrange fitting too if you so wish (just ask us at the time of quotation).  
All our our windows and doors are available in a whole host of colours and foils with a range of glazing bars that include Georgian, Duplex, and Leaded - please ask for details. 

Composite Doors 

Composite doors are a popular choice due to the fact that they can mimic wooden styles without the unstable nature of using wood in a door. Modern composite doors can give you very clean, modern, sharp lines with various glass panels for detail and for creating the appropriate amount of light through a door which can make all the difference internally, whilst simultaneously giving a attractive appearance from the outside. We can closely match most composite doors seen online or provide you with a similar one that you define. 
Composite door
Composite door
Composite door
Composite door
Composite door

PVCu Doors 

uPVC doors and door panels are an inexpensive high quality material for front doors, back doors and even garage doors (when compared to timber or composites) and they often contain glass panels that let in light and allow for some individuality. uPVC doors provide a high level of thermal comfort when properly installed along with having a whole host of shape, moulding and feature options. 
PVCu door
PVCu door
PVCu door

uPVC Patio Doors 

Patio doors slide along a designated track and are a space saving solution when enabling people to exit a building (generally to the rear or side of a property to garden areas). By special request we can provide unique frostings, and different kinds of glass that add value to these items - such a different levels of obscurity and noise reduction to name a few. 
uPVC patio door
uPVC patio door
uPVC patio door

Aluminium Windows & Doors 

Increasingly, aluminium is starting to be specified by architects and interior designers for it's strength and modern look. Older aluminium installations were not up to the standard that manufacturers of aluminium windows and doors now produce. Due to aluminium's inherent stability in extreme temperature, aluminium doors and windows are unlikely to expand or contract in areas that other materials may struggle with when maintaining their manufactured sized. Aluminium can also outperform uPVC windows and doors for thermal value as less frame needs to be used when housing our manufactured glass panels, as glass is more thermally efficient than aluminium frame this means that more of your window or door area is glass and therefore the whole unit is more thermally efficient. A good example of aluminium gaining popularity is the recent trend in bi-folding doors - an aluminium door. Aluminium doors and windows are practically maintenance free and more cost effective than timber. 
Aluminium windows & doors
Aluminium windows & doors
Aluminium windows & doors
Aluminium windows & doors
Aluminium windows & doors

Composite Windows 

Composite windows are fairly new to the market but are nice new addition to it. You can use the inherent quality benefits of composite materials to match colour schemes or to recreate effects to your windows frames otherwise reserved for timber. You can get some really smart, sharp looks from composite window frames. We can arrange the manufacture of any sized units you require from our Kent based glass processing factory / warehouse. 
Composite windows

PVCu Windows 

The most commonly used material for windows in the UK - unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is a rigid PVC and used for it's low cost, high performance and energy efficiency values. Not prone to warping or rotting in any way you can contact us for all sizes of PVC window unit you require and we'll supply you with a high quality product. 
PVCu windows

Integrated Blinds 

Roller, pleated or venetian blinds can be incoporated within glazing units. They can be operated by knob, sliding magnet, cord or external motor. The flagship range can even be controlled via BMS or an app. 
These integrated blinds are ideal for use in hospitals, laboratories, offices, commercial units and residential projects. 
Integrated blinds

Spares & Cat / Dog Flaps 

Of course everything we supply can come with specified locks, hinges, handles, trim inlays and decorative additions. Ask for all these things when specifying your requirements. We have many catalogues for inspiration, feel free to contact us for all spares you may need even for existing windows and doors. If you need a cat or dog flap opening in a glass unit we can plan for this at time of manufacture.  
Cat flap in glass

'Have been using CP Glass for a few months now for all my Glass. John is always really helpful & provides a 5 star service. Will continue to use for years to come.' - Mark (Google Review

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